In early April, just as it was starting to feel like we would never leave this endless winter, my trusty assistant Leon and I photographed the lovely, emotional wedding of Frankie and Ben at Pledgdon Barn in Essex.  Frankie’s mum, Celia, wrote the sweetest blog post about the process here.

We were so lucky with the weather.  Although it was by no means warm, it was at least dry and even sunny at times.  Even if there hadn’t have been sunshine, there was enough warmth and love in this family to keep us all smiling (and wiping away tears) throughout the course of the day.  Frankie, Ben, Celia and Keith, you were all pleasure to spend the day with, and thank you so much for asking me to document it all for you.

From Frankie:

“Thank you so so much for the pictures, they look amazing! I can’t wait to get the memory stick of them.  I cant believe how many pictures there are!  Thank you again for taking the pictures, Kirsten, they are fabulous.  You have captured the best day of my life so well, and it has helped me remember what happened that day, it went so quick.

Frankie’s aunt Gillian made her beautiful dress and it fitted like a glove.

The lovely bridesmaids, including Frankie’s sister Enna (first left).

The handsome groom, Ben.

They’re so pretty that I’ve included some more images of them.  😉

Frankie’s darling mother, Celia.

Instead of the traditional wedding breakfast, the family chose to serve delicious afternoon tea, with sandwiches and scones.  Later on in the evening, a magnificent hog roast was served. YUM.

Enna is also a photographer (like Celia, her mum)!  I look forward to seeing some of her images from the day.

For the evening’s entertainment, the couple decided on a ceilidh (a traditional Gaelic band).  The band instructs the guests in all the dance moves and everyone gets involved.  I love ceilidhs at weddings, they are SUCH fun.

We had such a brilliant day, and I truly wish Frankie and Ben the happiest of lives together.

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May 9, 2013
What I love about these images is the emotions you have captured, it is clear they are a very loving close family and that really comes across. Oh and I am loving the dancing shots, some crackers there! Great job.
May 9, 2013
What a lovely idea to have afternoon tea! Such a beautiful B&W image of bride and groom dancing together - so warm and intimate.
May 9, 2013
Kirsten, you've done it again... I've got the tears dropping into my cuppa! Not just with the super pictures (which I've already had a couple of preview days to enjoy) but with your lovely words this time. Also Juliet, thank you for your kind words too. It is lovely that our true emotions have come across in the pictures. That is something which is captured there for ever. It really was such a special day for us as parents and particularly for Frankie and Ben, with all the close family being there and helping to make the day what it was. We are so happy to have Ben as our wonderful son-in-law. (Crikes that makes me an 'outlaw'!!!) Thank you again Kirsten and Leon xx (glad you had a briliant day too!) :'-))
May 9, 2013
Beautiful Kirsten, you get so many great moments! :)
May 9, 2013
Looks like such a fun wedding - you have really caught the emotion of the couple and all the guests and so many lovely details too. Great job Kirsten!
May 9, 2013
Beautiful work Kirsten. I love the dancing shots and the emotion and joy of the day is clear to see.
Carol Cashmore
May 10, 2013
Kirsten, you are the business!I can only echo the comments above and say that it takes true talent to capture such emotion and true prosfessionalism not to cry while you're doing it xxoxx
Kirsten Mavric
May 10, 2013
Gwan, get married, Carol. I'd love to shoot it ;)