Wedding photography is a serious responsibility but at the same time, it’s an incredible joy and privilege to be asked to document someone’s important day, and I feel that pressure and excitement with every wedding I shoot.  Therefore, as you can imagine, it’s so heart warming when my couples take the time afterwards, to let me know how they feel about their wedding photographs. I can’t thank them enough. x

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Dan and Katherine

A couple stand on the steps of Sunbeam Studios






“Oh my God, that’s gorgeous! When did she take that?!” We said that again and again when we first saw Kirsten’s photographs of our wedding. She can certainly steer the room when necessary and she swiftly and expertly shepherded family and friends through the more formal shots (even the more opinionated subjects were deftly charmed into or out of position as needed). It appears she was ever-present yet un-intrusive – we were totally at ease with her in our space even at the most intimate and emotional moments. But then there were the more vérité shots where she perfectly captured the mood, the emotion, the relationships and the people unseen as she moved through the room. And then there were the photos that documented the decor, the settings, the arrangements and the lighting as she somehow got there ahead of everyone when you were convinced she’d had to have been in two places at once. Our only regret was that we were so at ease after having spoken to her on the phone that we didn’t find the time to sit down and talk to her or even meet her before the ceremony. Nonetheless she just parachuted in like an absolute trooper and did flawless work! We are so happy and proud of the albums she put together for us, which we have come back to again and again, and we still well up at them. We wholeheartedly recommend her and her work to you.”

Carly & Matt








“We simply cannot believe how lucky we are! Every image is beautiful and brings back such a wonderful memory! The emotion and joy we felt on the day comes through in every picture. We couldn’t have asked for more from our wedding photos! We are beyond happy, we just can’t believe how lucky we were to have you capture the day for us! We can’t wait to share the images with family and friends, everyone is already raving about the highlights slideshow so I know when they see these there will be lots of tears (there already have been from us)! Thank you so, so much again for letting us relive the best day of our lives. I didn’t realise how important the photos would be to me until now but they are simply perfect and will be treasured forever! “

Matt & Kee

Cannizaro House wedding







“We are so thrilled with the photos!  We cannot thank you enough for this, you’ve perfectly captured every single memory for us and it’s just wonderful. You were so professional, I don’t know how you managed to capture half the pictures from the ceremony and the speeches, you appear to have been everywhere! The shots are so un-forced and natural, and they just look amazing, I honestly do shed a tear whenever I go through the amazing slide-show. Kirsten, you’re worth your weight in gold. We’re just blown away!!!”

Laura & Ross








“Oh my god they’re beautiful!! We are both sooo happy! My eyes were streaming with happy tears after the second photo! Especially the one of my dad first seeing me! He never usually gets soppy about things so this is possibly one of the most special of any of our family photos we’ve now got. The first thing I said after the slideshow was “I need to email her! I need to blow my nose!” The getting ready photos are gorgeous! We love all of them, you’re amazing! I’m going to have to take out shares in a tissue company! You really have gone above and beyond and we can’t thank you enough, I know it sounds like a cliché, but I don’t know how else to express our gratitude! If I saw you in person I’d hug you till you ran out of air and started to mildly panic!”

Annabelle & Eduardo








“AMAAAAAZING!!! Thank you so much! The photos are really really fantastic and the colours are just perfect! I can’t believe how amazing they are!  You’ve made everyone look fantastic and I’m really glad we got some nice photos from our super quick photo-shoot in the park before the rain came along again! We both think you were fantastic on the day and very lucky because you turned out to be the perfect person to photograph our day. It was amazing how you blended in with all our friends and family. We love all the pictures and it was really great having you as our photographer. Your service has been more than we expected and it was such an absolute pleasure working with you. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends!”

Tom & Julio








“The photos are AMAZING and brought tears to our eyes all over again. You perfectly captured the day!  Julio said that you can tell from the photos that you also enjoyed the day (and I agree with him) because you managed to really tap into how we felt.  The emotion and energy from yesterday translates into wonderful photos.  We loved your style of photography when we saw your website for the first time and feel very privileged that people will be looking at our photos in the same way that we looked at other lucky couples who have worked with you.”

Andrina & Stephen








“Wow they’re brilliant!  They bring back so many happy memories of that day. You captured images from all angles and worked so hard. Thank you.  I love them all!  I think the ones by the old corrugated iron sheds are gorgeous. Also there are so many happy smiling faces and it’s great to see. You have produced photos that are a wonderful representation of our special day and will be cherished forever. We can’t stop oohing and ahhing!! Many people complimented you to me after the day for your  lovely nature and professionalism. You were very easy to relate to and certainly made me feel comfortable. You really took note of my desires for the day and the photos are perfect. I’m so pleased you could be our photographer.”