Back in this personal post about our recent trip to South Africa, I mentioned that the reason we were out there was to photograph the incredible wedding of Matt and Gill.

Two and half hours drive from Cape Town, is the striking and stunning Round the Bend Lodge on the  banks of the Breede River.  We arrived on the Friday night, along with many of the guests, and settled into our very comfortable lodges, all beautifully appointed with all mod-cons.  After a relaxed roast chicken dinner with the wedding guests, we all headed to our lodges to get some rest for the big day ahead.

I should mention the small flutter of excitement as we realised we had lost the car key to our hire car, which contained all our camera equipment in the boot.  Having commandeered both staff and guests to scour the terrain with torches and their iPhone flashlights, we eventually found the key in our lodge where it had dropped under a bedside table.  Heart attacks averted.  Finally, we could rest and not worry about having to break the car window to retrieve the cameras in the morning.  😉

Some of the guests started the wedding day with a gentle canoe down the Breede River, including Gill’s grandad Harry.  Brave man, I wouldn’t have done it.

Thank you again, Leon, for being the perfect second shooter.


I love this shot of Matt and Gill’s brother Jason, subconsciously mirroring each other.

The deck you see below is part of the bridal suite that Gill got ready in.  The suite had only been finished the day before as the Lodge raced to get it ready in time for her.  Hence the pool is still green as the river water that filled it hadn’t had time to clear yet.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a strange South African tradition of wearing mis-matching bridesmaid’s shoes, Tash was just trying both on to decide.  😉

Meanwhile, back at the main lodge, Matt was getting ready with his best men.

Aren’t Gill’s bridesmaids absolutely gorgeous?  And I was delighted when I saw their dresses.  I love a pop of colour, me.

Gill made a beautiful, beautiful bride.

The ceremony was held on the banks of the river in front of the lodge.  Yay for outdoor ceremonies!

This shot cracks me up every time I see it.

I loved their colour scheme of yellow and black.  So punchy and modern.

I grabbed this shot minutes before they realised it was a fire hazard and moved it away from the fire pit.

Then I took Matt and Gill away from the delicious canapés and their guests, for a few informal portraits.


They are fearless, these two.  That little jetty was just a metre or so wide, projecting out high over the rocks.

Ah, African light, how I’ve missed you.

Gill sourced these beautiful chandeliers to hang over the reception tables.  They were magical.

Instead of a first dance, Matt and Gill decided to do a first SWIM in the river!  So many of the guests decided to join them – it was a very special moment.

 After the big swim, Leon and I put down our cameras and partied with everyone until 2.30am.  A brilliant day all round.  Thank you again, Matt and Gill, for asking us to do this for you.  It was more than a pleasure, it was an absolute joy. 🙂

The wedding was recently featured on Rock My Wedding so pop over there to read all about how Gill planned her big day.  I’m sure Matt and Gill would love to hear your thoughts on how they chose to uniquely celebrate their wedding, so feel free to comment below.

If you’re thinking of having your wedding outside of the UK, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your requirements. *happy to travel* 

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May 28, 2012
Fab work Kirsten, and what an amazing wedding - looks like so much fun!!
May 28, 2012
great wedding and great gig!
May 28, 2012
What an awesome wedding... my fav shot is of the bride and groom jumping into the sea, amazing image!
May 28, 2012
Wonderful pics - Gill you looked so gorgeous! Loved all the sweet unique touches! Looks like an amazing day.
May 28, 2012
Great images, Kirsten. Looks like it was an amazing wedding.
Beautiful photos and it looked like a fantastic day. I was lucky enough to go to Cape Town in January as my sister got married on Table Mountain. South Africa is such a beautiful country to get married in. x
May 28, 2012
A completely awesome! I love the yellow, perfect for a sunny South African celebration! Beautiful work xo
May 30, 2012
How I loves these images. Well done Ms Mavric you have done it again! I love the swim and how original this wedding is, I love the unpretentious display of flowers in tin buckets and the chicken farm touches. Love it. Fearless comes with the territory when you are African, as you too know Kirsten. xx
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