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There is a very good reason that I’ve only called B & C by their initials in this preview. This was a surprise wedding last Saturday at Asia House in Marylebone, but more complicated than that, the surprise is still ongoing as today’s ‘engagement party’ back in Canada is also a surprise! I love that they are doing this, but I really don’t envy their stress levels. The bride is Canadian and the groom is from Essex, so it was a truly international wedding. I just loved B’s sequinned dress and C’s modern tuxedo.

After bridal prep at the Marylebone Hotel, it was a five minute walk to Asia House where the emotional ceremony took place. Then I took B & C to some of the places in London that really mean something to C. His grandparents lived in Marylebone so each spot we photographed them at had a personal resonance for him. From there, we jumped in a cab to Shoreditch for a few more shots. London changes so fast and this is certainly one of the most colourful parts of London for couple portraits.

Then it was back to Marylebone, where friends and family gathered at The Harcourt pub, ostensibly for the London engagement party. Instead they were handed cards at the entrance that revealed that the couple had already got married in the morning! I’ll show pictures of that part of the day in the full post but for now, here are a just a handful of my favourite pictures of B&C from their brilliant day.

I’m off to Kent in a couple of hours for Katie and Sam’s wedding and, for once this summer, I don’t think I have to worry about rain, woop!


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lynn cane
September 17, 2017
absolutely stunning photos of Brittany and Chris you have done a fabulous job thank you so much you made their day very special and the families too of course once again thank you
Kirsten Mavric
September 17, 2017
Thank you, Lynn! X