Happy 2014!

In response to requests from my previous clients, I’ve now added a ‘digital paper’ option to my album range.  My current albums are printed on Giclée fine art paper, which has a slightly matte finish.  The new option, while certainly not being as reflective and ‘shiny’ as photographic paper, has a subtle sheen that allows the colours to really pop off the page.  These digital wedding albums are the same price to purchase as the Fine Art Albums, it’s simply down to your personal preference as to which you prefer!

Best seen in the flesh, of course, but here are some images for you to get an idea.  If you want to see Emma and Jon’s wedding in full, it can be found here. This new sample album was produced with a brown (chocolate) leather cover.  The other colours choices are shown below.


wedding albums

Wedding albums can be ordered any time after your wedding, please get in touch for further details.  Images should be printed, I really believe that, not sitting on a USB drive in your desk drawer.  😉


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February 7, 2014
I really like this new album, the colors there, and especially with the names engraved on the covers, they are very nice. Greetings from Tenerife